This is the place where you can read some kind words about my work from people who I’ve had the great opportunity to work with.

Tad Lynch, JS   http://www.lynchknives.com/

“A knife that just does its job is fine, but an excellent knife should also stir the soul… Lorien’s designs reflect both his passion for the knife as a working tool and the idea that a knife is a thing of beauty–things that make an excellent knife.”

David Lisch, JS   http://www.davidlisch.com/

In the short time I have known Lorien I have seen him work very hard to understand what makes a good knife he has spent countless hours looking at knifes and talking with some of the best knife makers in the bis .what I would say he brings to knife designing is the unique ability  to look at a makers current work and then design a knife for that maker that will Push his skill set and open the maker up to new design possibilities . Lorien sent me a design based on my current work and it is  very cool and I plan to make that knife very soon.  and I know that by making a Lorien design   I will grow in my own ability  to bush my design to new heights .

Matthew Gregory   http://web.me.com/totalnrg/M.Gregory_Knives/M._Gregory_Knives.html

“Hey man! Got the sketches we spoke about – both are awesome, but I’ve got a story to attach to each one.

The fighter design is perfect. You’ve definitely managed to capture my style with this one… so much so, that it almost perfectly mirrors a blade I’ve already got in progress! Yours has a slightly deeper belly, but otherwise the drawing you did and the actual knife blade could be the exact same project!!!! Truly uncanny, man.

The chopper design is a bit different, and – believe it or not – is probably more important to me. I’ve struggled trying to come up with a good chopper profile that will do what I need it to do and yet still have a touch of my personality in it. Your drawing is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for, I just couldn’t seem to bring it to paper the way that you did. Perhaps it’s a gift you’ve got , but there’s no question that anyone seeing these finished knives would know they were MINE, not designs of yours that I did. You’ve definitely found a way to capture my style better than I can. Thanks, bro.

Ryan Weeks   http://www.ryanwknives.com/

Thank you for your design help, sometimes it is easy to get caught in a rut making the same type of knives over and over. Your fresh set of eyes and experience in the knife community definitely shows in your work. Your PIF design has been a big success, it helped me expand my abilities as a maker and increased my customer base. The sweeping plunge you drew up was something I had never implimented into my knives, now I find myself doing them all the time. I look forward to our future dealings

Dean Price, Millbrook Tactical   http://www.millbrookcanada.ca/

“When we decided to create a world-class tactical knife for our clients, Lorien Arnold was the designer of choice.  He understands the user’s needs and blends that with technical expertise and the art of ergonomics.  Lorien’s design of the Millbrook Sentinel is a testament to his abilities.

Magnus Axelson

I have been very fortunate to work with Lorien Arnold on two knives now, and these

two projects have turned out very well indeed!

Thanks to Loriens great eye, his clearity in communications and pleasant personality

these projects have not only been very interesting and informative to do, it has

also resulted in a really good friendship!

I can see more interesting projects comming out of our joint efforts, but I also

very much look forward to all other things I know this great mind has in store!

All in all great taste and eye for design and a pleasure to work with!

Magnus Axelson