Knives Designed With Nature in Mind

I really appreciate you taking the time to check out my website. This is the place where you can get a sense of what I do, and see whether or not what I do is a good fit for what you want.

Many years of university level art schooling was superseded by my desire to become a bicycle mechanic. So, I left school and learned to fix bikes. After several decades in that business, I got to the end. I decided it was time to get back to my roots and pursue a more creative and artistic direction.

Most artistic media, to me, are limited in the sense that there’s very little utility involved in their existence. I like things that work and do stuff, that one can interact with in ways that provide direct, immediate benefit to one’s quality of life. To me, cutlery is the OG tool- its development helped spur on human evolution. Similarly, trails have existed since there were feet. Trails are literally as old as dirt.

So, it’s upon many different shoulders, over the mists of time, that I now find myself, as I take on the endeavour of re imagining cutting tools, and where and how they are used, in my own way- with the goal of developing something unique. Whether I do this myself for my own work, or do it for you- for your work- the goal is the same.

My services include designing knives for other knife makers and cutlery manufacturers, and creating my own. Because knives work best when they’re readily available, I also make sheaths and other leather based projects. Additionally, I offer consultation services for those individuals and entities interested in providing sustainable and/or low impact trails to the public. As someone who’s been a mountain biker since the mid/late eighties, bike trails are my specialty, but hiking and equestrian trails are just as fascinating and as challenging to properly design.

One might think these are all separate interests, and one might be right. But not for me. Trails and cutting tools and bicycles are all intertwined in the jumble of synapses that constitute my brain. These are the things that I know about. I also feel that the human experience is greatly enhanced by all three, which all consume less of what makes this planet so great to live on.

Again, thanks for checking things out and please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.


Lorien Arnold